Best time to hog hunt?

Its always a crap shoot with free ranging wild hogs but they are especially active on overcast cold days. Wind doesn’t effect hogs like it does whitetail deer. This past weekend proves it. We were in the wild hogs often and constantly. We hunted two days and were on hogs 6 times, it was extremely windy but cool and overcast. Cheap hog hunting trips doesn’t get any better for the money you spend when you book an Oklahoma hog hunt with Okie Hunts. With no limits on how many hogs you can shoot and an over population of wild hogs your typically going to get many opportunities at killing more than one wild hog. You know its been a good hog hunting trip when your hunters run out of ammunition and thats exactly what they did.

Congratulations to Dustin, he shot two wild hogs, his first ever. 

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