Where to find wild hogs and how to hold them for your hunt

Wild hogs can be tricky critters to hunt. They can be patterned to some degree but they like to go wherever they please. If you have a small acreage of say 320 acres or less wild hogs may show up at different times of the year and then vanish. They may bed and feed on your land, or they may just pass thru your land. I have properties I manage that neighbor around 3500 acres in total but are split up in small 160 or 240 acre increments and all over a county or two. Hog hunting at my place requires a lot of camera management, feeder/feed management and time walking and glassing the properties due to the simple fact that the hogs like to move around so much. If you have planted a field in my experience it seems they like it best just within 2-4 weeks after it has been planted.

Tips for holding wild hogs in an area.

Keep feed running year around. Run 4 or 5 different feeder locations and put pressure on only 2 of your feeders.Occasionally throw them something really good to eat such as soured corn, grain, rotten potatoes,  mixed with water & koolaide. Seal it in a 5 gal bucket and let it rot. Dig a hole with post hole diggers and fill it with half the bucket. Spread the other half around or go dig another bait hole. This is a great strategy before hunting as the hogs will stay on the bait hole all night. 

Also if you have captured the hogs attention and they are on your property go ahead and make sure to set your feeders to feed during daylight hours say at 8 am 12pm and 5pm. If you have night vision or thermal set it to feed in the dark.

Hope this helps in your hog hunting adventures!

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