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Yes we have Elk in Oklahoma and the numbers have been pretty good as the herd has continued to thrive. The best counties in Oklahoma are Comanche County with 277 being taken in 2020 and Kiowa County 42. The state record was taken out of Comanche County measuring 325 7/8.

All elk hunters must possess written permission from the landowner or, where appropriate, the lessee (tenant). Permission must be carried on the person while hunting elk. Elk hunters may only hunt on those lands for which they have written permission. Landowners, operators and immediate family are exempt from written permission.

Zone Harvest Quota

Before hunting, all hunters must check the Wildlife Department’s website at to ensure the quota has not been met for the zone in which they will be hunting. Once the zone quota has been met, the season is closed.

License Requirements

Resident (unless exempt):

  • Resident Hunting License, and
  • Resident Elk License (for each elk hunted)

Jan. 1-31: must be in possession of a resident hunting license and a resident elk license for the current calendar year. Unfilled elk license (Jan. 1-31) may be used the following fall season.


  • Nonresident Elk License (for each elk hunted) or a resident lifetime hunting or combination hunting/fishing license

Jan. 1-31: must be in possession of a nonresident elk license for the current calendar year. Unfilled elk license (Jan. 1-31) may be used the following fall season.

Season Dates (only in open zones)

  • Elk Archery: Oct. 1 – Jan. 15.
  • Youth Elk Gun: Oct. 16-18.
  • Elk Muzzleloader: Oct. 24 – Nov. 1.
  • Elk Gun: Nov. 21 – Dec. 6.
  • Holiday Antlerless Elk Gun: Dec. 18-31.

Because we have properties in the SW we are showing the bag limits for that region. We do advise you to check the Okahoma Wildlife Conservation website for all requirements and put in a phone call to them as well to cover your bases.

Southwest Zone: All private lands south of Interstate 40 and west of Interstate 35, excluding the counties in the Special Southwest Zone.

  • Zone bag limit: One (1) elk, regardless of sex.
  • Zone harvest quota: Thirty (30) elk.

Special Southwest Zone

These season dates are not in addition to the season dates in Open Zones.

These season dates include all private lands in Caddo, Comanche and Kiowa counties.

  • Archery: Oct. 3-7 and Dec. 5-9.
  • Muzzleloader: Season closed.
  • Gun: Oct. 8-11 and Dec. 10-13.
  • Youth Elk Gun: Oct. 16-18.
  • Additional Antlerless Gun Season: Nov. 21 – Dec. 6 and Jan. 1-31; antlerless only.

Zone bag limit: Two (2) elk, regardless of sex, one of which must be antlerless.

Zone harvest quota: There is no quota in this zone.

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