Is Hunting the 51st shade of grey?

Hunting has always been a family activity that all ages can enjoy. Some of my greatest memories are of my dad and grandad taking me to hunt squirrels. As I got older it turned into deer hunting trips which usually meant getting to skip school for a day or two.

Back then not many women were involved in the hunting sport but today things have changed greatly. The hunting industry has targeted the female gender demographic and there are many wives and girlfriends going to the hunting lease with their partners. 

Today hunters are taking their kids, both genders to hunting camp, grandpa is now buying hunting equipment for his granddaughter for Christmas and Birthdays. The boys have competition from the girls for telling hunting stories as the campfire is cracking and popping in the background of a pitch dark Oklahoma night. You can see the excited faces as the campfire dimly lights their faces as they are warmly dressed in their pink accented camouflage sipping on a hot marshmallow decorated cup of cocoa.

The girls have made a place for themselves as hunters. Many take trophy whitetail deer all around the state of Oklahoma. They are very responsible hunters and hunting ethics are very important to them. They have also required us as men to step up our amenities and manners around deer camp. Today a heated deer blind with chairs is the norm, not standing on a tree limb. Tents are a thing of the past, now we invest in hunting trailers, hotels, portable buildings and more. We don’t use the bathroom at the closest tree in hunting camp. We have a bathroom now and it is clean without spider webs. Mouse droppings are immediately gotten rid of before the girls enter your lodging, things get wiped down, The list goes on and on if you think about it…

Is it the 51st shade of grey?

Well I can tell you that wives are warmed greatly when their man takes the kids to the woods whether they are with you or not. It gives mom a break, she see’s you investing in the relationship with the kids. And most of the time they miss us when we are gone. And if your lucky enough to have her go with you, camp stays cleaner, chores around deer camp get done that may have been put off, eating is definitely better and you will usually rest better which helps prepare you for the hunt. 

Their is no better hunting buddy than your family and the memories will never be forgotten and will be talked about often as we pass the heritage on to our kids and grandchildren.

If you need a family hunting lease in Oklahoma, I am here to help.

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