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All Properties Have Been Moved To Please visit the site to view available hunting properties.

Oklahoma Hunting Leases

In response to the increasing demand for quality hunting leases in Oklahoma, Okie Hunts has simplified the leasing process. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve acquired through referral a group of excellent landowners who we have helped and who trust in what we do. Hunting leases in Oklahoma offer landowners the opportunity to diversify their income, develop more control over trespassing issues, and best of all, contribute to our youth and families making great memories. You don’t want to miss out on this valuable outdoor experience! Your kids won’t remember the gifts you buy them but the hunting memories will last forever.

Finding available land takes time, and for those who are not experienced in leasing land, it can be difficult to find a private property with the right features for hunting. Many of our landowners wouldn’t lease their land if it weren’t for us making it so easy and thorough. At Okie Hunts, we continuously update new properties to our listings. Once we are able to get a landowners agreement in place and have permission to market the property, we make the property available to our Earlybird Members for 7 days then publish it on our website.

Looking to get ahead of the game? Be the first to know about our new listings a week in advance by joining our Early Bird Membership program!

What Is A Lease?

A hunting lease is one form of recreational leasing. In Oklahoma, you’ll find that 97% of the land is privately owned. When you sign a hunting lease, you agree to use the land and facilities for activities such as hunting. At Okie Hunts, we’ll help you find land that maximizes your recreational experience.

Hunting in Oklahoma

When it comes to hunting, it’s crucial that you find the best land available to have a successful season. Leasing allows you to gain access to land without the expense and hassles of ownership. Each listing highlights the location’s topographic features as well as its known game and wildlife when possible. Oklahoma boasts some very diverse landscapes. From the western plains to the eastern pine forests there is something for everyone.

If you’re after a trophy Oklahoma Whitetail or just want to see a lot of wildlife, we can help you find that special place.

Deer hunting in Oklahoma continues to great success and the forecast is bright according to Oklahoma State Game Biologists. The western half has fully recovered from droughts with plenty of new vegetation and the eastern half has recovered from flooding. We have had excellent rainfall the past three summers and this has contributed to a healthy deer herd. With the new management policy in place, trophy bucks will be harvested in almost all counties in the future instead of just a small handful. Just look at any social media platform and you will see impressive bucks coming from all regions of the state.

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