Accufire Noctis TR1 Night Vision Scope


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There isn’t a better NV scope in this price range. Known to be Extremely reliable.

Accufire Technology’s new optic offers a compact digital night vision scope with traditional mounting options allowing the end-user to utilize all of Accufire’s built-in technology, including smart range finder, color correction tech, auto-ballistics, intuitive menu, unparalleled recoil rating, and a plethora of HD recording and streaming options to record your hunt.

Accufire’s compact optic form factor allows the scope to be mounted on a majority of quick-detachable mounts and return-to-zero mounts, providing the shooter with their choice of not only optic heights but also the ability to switch optics quickly while maintaining zero.

Magnification: 3.2X – 22X
FOV: 31.2 ft at 100 meters
Objective Lens: 60mm
Display: 1024×768 OLED Eye Relief: 52mm Recording Resolution: 1920×1080 Audio Recording: Yes Ballistic Calculator: Auto Drop Compensator WIFI: Streaming and Gallery Mode Range Finder: Accufire Smart Range Finder Weight: 36.4ounces Battery: Lithium Rechargeable


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