MKUB River Coop 300 – Pottawatomie County, 4 Hunter Max

$6,997.00 for 1 year


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Shawnee / Earlsboro OK Area, 300 acre hunting lease MOL including 3 separate properties. This is a nice feature to have so if you bust deer in one place or pressure is too hot in an area you can move to one of the other properties. Some Indian land surrounding the properties. 88 acres on the river, 80 acres where deer cross constantly 800 yards to the SW of river property, and another 128 acres 800 yards to the South of it. Very close to OKC. River frontage, No Cattle, excellent deer herd, good waterfowl area, a few hogs have been in the area and turkeys also, big timber, No need to run feeders…food sources in the immediate area include pecan grove, soybeans, wheat, and corn. Big deer have been shot around this area, it is one of the best properties I have ever seen. The landowner is meticulous and lives nearby. I will arrange a meeting before anyone gets approved to hunt this one. This is a very old family farm and is beautiful.

Directions to all 3 properties below.

Directions to river
Directions  to 128


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