Terms & Conditions

All our Hunting Leases run from June 1st thru May 31st every year. They are always renewable if the landowner is in agreement. Money is always due by May 31st or you can lose your lease.

A Waiver must be filled out on any person entering our properties. Signed waivers must be sent via email to okiehunts1@gmail.com

Never drive around on Crop fields (In most cases you can drive into them as long as you stay close to the fence and always use the same path and shortest distance in and out of the field) Do not enter ever if the crop field is muddy and soft.

Never cross boundary fences unless retrieving a game animal. If an animal jumps a fence you must make an attempt to contact the land owner before you cross that boundary to retrieve the downed animal.

Okie Hunts has a no-refund policy. No refunds on hunting lease properties or Early Bird Memberships.

All Products will carry the respected mfgs warranty and all items must be shipped directly to the mfg for repair or warranty claims. We do not accept returns for any reason.

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