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“Hunters are Good, Responsible, & Appreciative”

Greg started hunting on our land 21 years ago and after several years of knowing him we turned over 100% of the responsibilities to him so we didn’t need to mess with it. The hunters he does business with are good responsible guys who appreciate getting to hunt. Greg works hard, is very honest and trustworthy and has become a great family friend over the years.​


“OkieHunts Looks Out for My Best Interests”​

I like using OkieHunts because I can set my own price and they make it easy. My properties stay leased year after year to responsible and ethical hunters who follow my rules. OkieHunts looks out for my best interests and steers me in the right direction. Greg will keep his word and shoot straight with you.


Hunting Insurance

In addition to your insurance company who may provide a cheaper alternative to lessen risks through a policy, there are other companies offering very reasonable Hunting Lease insurance to cover you. Also, make sure to take a look at the Oklahoma Statute to limit your liability

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