Accufire Prospectis ATRO-20 2.5x20x50


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The ATRO-20 provides the shooter with everything they will need for almost any situation. The ATRO-20 features a fully illuminated reticle, ranging subtensions, 34mm one-piece tube, fast-mag lever, and ZRT locking turrets, the ATRO-20 provides all of the features of other scopes on the market. The reticle allows shooters to utilize all parts of the reticle including minute details without clouding their field of view. At the lowest magnification, the reticle presents a clear crosshair. With over 36 mils of overall elevation adjustment and built-in 20 mils of reticle, the Tango-20 gives the shooter the range they need for almost any situation. With a 50mm objective allowing low mounting options and an 8x magnification adjustment range allowing a full 2.5x to 20x magnification range, the scope brings the shooter all the features they will ever need.

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