Summer Hog Hunt w Patriot Outdoor Adventures “Helping Heros Heal”

Okie Hunts was pleased to provide a donated two day hog hunt for Patriot Outdoor Adventures. They indeed are helping heros heal thru their 501(c)3.

All I can say is those veterans were tough. It was in the high 90s and the hogs were hiding from the heat. That didnt stop our veterans from catching around 35 bass out of one of the farm ponds “which we later ate”, shooting some impressive weapons at camp and riding around with the light in the evenings looking for wild hogs! Roy was an awesome cook, we combined resources and had family style meals that were outta this world good!

Friday night was a complete bust. No hogs but we did manage to see 10-12 deer and other varmints. Saturday evening we spotted 3 Russian hogs about 700 yards out under a cedar tree at the edge of the wheat field. The wind was rustling around so we had to exit the vehicle and do a spot and stalk so they didnt get our wind. We were within 200 yards when the shot exited the barrel, the wild hogs jumped and ran, it was a near miss!

We held up in position because oftentimes the hogs have no clue of the direction the gunfire came from and will return to the scene shortly thereafter. They didnt return, so off to the point of supposed impact we go, no blood, confirmed miss. We head off to the deep canyons and thick cedars suspecting they were holed up. We spot and stalked slowly and heard them huffing at us, we saw them briefly but they were gone. We moved to the feeder which was about to go off and unfortunately the wind was pushing our scent in the area. About the time we decide to head back to the vehicle another hunter fired off three shots with his AR15.  He was sitting in the bed of the pickup looking over the area where the last hogs had just been shot at, they had come back. Unfortunately it was dark and when he raised his AR15 he tipped his headlamp and couldn’t see them as well as they were running off, and he missed too!

As 3 of us walked back to the truck, we were literally 15 yards away from it we started hearing hogs huffing and grass moving, we quickly set up for what we thought would be a hail of gunfire but guess what? They had gotten behind us and were downwind, they were outta there! 

I had a great time getting to know these retired veterans and was honored to spend a good deal of time talking to them and chauffeuring them around. Big thanks to my buddy Brian Golden a retired Marine who helped me guide, cook, clean, dig bait holes, etc! I look forward to working with Patriot Outdoor Adventures soon again. If you love our veterans I would strongly encourage you to donate for this excellent and worthy cause, Mark told me that the suicide rate for veterans has climbed to 24 per day now. This needs to end! A link to donate at their website is below.

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