Hog hunting is a blast!

How to hunt wild hogs. Recent hunt had a hunter who had been after wild hogs for 2 years on public lands. I had him on hogs his very first day, also the second day. And I got a nice reference as well. I love to take people on a hog hunting trip, especially new hog hunters. They have alot of questions and get so excited! I still do as well. Enjoy the story. Thanks Greg

Hello friends,
Just wanted to say how thankful I am for my recent hog hunt with Greg Willis. Greg is a true professional and knows his craft. He has been hunting the Putnam, Oklahoma area for sixteen years and knows the tendencies of these highly intelligent creatures. They’re not easy to find, much less put down! I’ve only hunted hogs for two years on public land mostly, and although I’ve gotten close, I’ve never been able to get an open shot on them. Last Saturday morning we were driving around in the pickup and spotted thirty plus hogs in the corner of a wheat field. Greg drives the pickup around to position us with the wind in our favor (in our face) and the stalk was on! We slowly stalked along the fence line with trees in the background so we were hard to spot. The hogs were coming right towards us. Let me tell you, “This will get your blood pumping!” So, we squat down, and we all pick out a hog……3…2…1…Bang!! (Multiple follow-up shots fired) The next thirty seconds or so was pure chaos, hogs going down, squealing, hogs running every which way!! PURE ADRENALINE RUSH! We dropped three, but several others had been injured as they ran off. They are fast moving targets! Anyway, that was just one of the awesome experiences we had that weekend. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! 
 I know some of my family and friends have expressed interest in hunting hogs, so this is for you. If it’s your first time, you’ve hunted them unsuccessfully in the past, or you’re just ready to get after some, give Greg Willis a shout at Okiehunts.com. You won’t regret it!

P.S. This is all open range hunting, no penned/fenced in stuff. This is the real deal!

God Bless and Happy Hunting!
-Jeff M.

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